DmC – Devil May Cry

It’s an action/adventure and Hack and Slash game made by Capcom and Ninja theory, that can be bought and downloaded from steam, which, in my opinion, is one of the best alternatives in PC gaming, from here:

The story is about a half demon, half angel (a Nephilim, according to the game) person named Dante.


At the beginning of the story, Dante doesn’t know who nor what he is exactly, but he knows he’s different. Further and further into the game, he starts discovering himself, his origins and finds out about an evil demon who’s trying to rule the world, so he gets “recruited” by the people who’s trying to stop that from happening.

In the game, you keep switching between normal world and demon world (Limbo). In the human world, nothing really exciting happens (at least until chapter 14, in which I stopped for now), all the action is reserved to Limbo where you need to fight and kill some demons, usually real gross ones, to proceed into the game.2014-09-14_00005

Here’s some ugly boss in the part I left off.

Something I really liked in this game is that you have a decent amount of different moves, that you learn as you go further into it, and weapons to use, which makes it more interesting and challenging, allowing you to perform some good combos. It gets harder and harder each step you take, combining that with new demons and obstacles. Something that caught my attention is that the more creative you are in fighting, which means, the more you vary your moves, it increases your score and rewards at the end of each level/chapter.

One of the only downsides I found in this game was that you can’t skip the story videos (edit: I lied, after trying all keyboard keys, backspace skips it), so if you want to redo a part of the game, if you want to complete 100% in a chapter for example, you have to watch it all over again.

Summarizing (from Very bad to Very good):

  • Gameplay: Very good;
  • Graphics: Good enough (it’s and old game remake);
  • Difficulty: Very good, you’re able to chose between several levels of difficulty which is very important in this genre;
  • Story: Good, you eventually know what you’re doing and why.

Would I recommend this game?

Yes, anyone who already likes this genre of game would enjoy playing this game, who doesn’t, should give it a try.