Applied Science (Indie)

It is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game that can be found at

Even though it’s an Indie game, it lacks too much in every aspect.

First things first, the setup. Everything runs smoothly until you close and try reopening the game if you changed the files directory. The default is set to be C:/UDK, but if you don’t want the game there, it won’t work because, even if you changed the location of the files during the installation, it looks for the files in the default path, in which they aren’t. I’m not sure if that’s a problem with the UDK settings, or from the game developer, but it’s worth pointing out.

Let’s talk about the main menu now, that looks like this:


It looks pretty cool, until you start interacting with it. It’s really disappointing that the only adjustable setting is the resolution, you can’t change things like keyboard settings, volume and mouse sensibility, which is horrible, especially when the default sensibility is so high that you can’t aim properly at a FPS game. Now the Instructions menu, it doesn’t really give you any instructions on how to play the game itself, such as, what’s the objective of the game. It only says how to check your game IP when you’re hosting a server and how to start a game, which is pretty obvious, since the first option in the main menu is Start game.

Finally into the game, let’s hit Start Game and see what happens. No story, no instructions… it just drags you into some map, asking you to “Press [FIRE] to start!“. After that you’re pretty much on your own with 2 objectives, “Capture & hold” top and bottom points.


Seems pretty fun, let’s try it… After walking a little around the map I see one capture point and after searching for a while I find the other one. OK, so I capture both points and wait for something to happen. Nothing. I then look around a little more and find that there are 2 bots at the enemy team base just standing there, probably chitchatting about how bored they are. And that’s it. The map can be resumed in the following image:

  1. Red team base
  2. Blue team base
  3. Top capture point
  4. Bottom capture point

If the bots actually played, it would maybe have been a better experience as a single player. But it’s only playable with other people. Summarizing;


  • looks like a fun game to play with your friends;
  • simple (maybe too simple);
  • easy to play.


  • impossible to adjust crucial settings;
  • only one map available;
  • multiplayer game only.